Piano Bar 21


Título: Piano Bar 21
Formato: Espectáculo musical en vivo de 12 episodios.
Tiempo: 1 hora
Género: Musical
Temática: Un tributo a los mejores compositores y cantantes de todos los tiempos. Con música en vivo
Locación: Estudio de grabación
Publico: 25-59

Idea original de Tiamba

Madame Sexy Glow


Genre: Comedy
Time: Present day
Place: California or Mexico
Season: 13 – 30 minute episodes
References: Disjointed, Paquita Salas – NETFLIX , Room 104 – HBO

Madame Sexy Glow is a psychic spiritual healer/coach who tries to help people to release their traumas & personal issues using marijuana & fortune telling skills. In every episode, Madame and her partner, Zafiro, welcome the most unusual costumers and help them unleash their deepest fantasies. However, Madame and Zafiro are not good business people. They are deeply in debt and unable to pay back a shark loan from the head of the Colombian Mafia of Sorcerers (CMS); who, daily, threatens take their business away. By presenting personal, forbidden and scandalous stories, MSG aims to unleash individuals’ taboo stories; in order to liberate them into living more fulfilling, authentic, and joyful lives.